Cloud computing: it’s time to invest

Why should you be making use of cloud computing solutions? There are numerous advantages available to you, so let’s take a closer look:

Increase storage space

The days of storage space being a significant cost to most businesses may feel like they are long since behind us, but ensuring that you have enough data capacity is still a major factor for many.

As you expand the number of storage devices that are being used, it’s natural that backup and maintenance costs steadily increase. For larger businesses, there may be a recognition that it simply doesn’t make sense to be dealing with storage on-site in this way. A more obvious solution is to bring specialists into play. By making use of off-site storage space, you can expand capabilities without having to invest in extended premises or devices.

Backup peace of mind

What happens when you suffer from a catastrophic loss of data? Just how much damage would that do to your business?

Rather than waiting to find out, you can use cloud service solutions to provide the protection that you need. You don’t need to worry about having your data backed up, or about the ease with recovering information, as needed. It should come as little surprise that so many businesses are deciding to make use of much services for this specific purpose.

Access information with ease

Do you have colleagues who are carrying around laptops with business-sensitive data? Or maybe they actually find themselves unable to access the information that they need when they are out of the office.

Cloud computing allows you to access data from anywhere in the world. It’s a safe and secure means of allowing your business to thrive.

Deploy quickly

Long gone are the days when a software upgrade meant carrying out multiple installations on desktops, laptops and associated devices. It makes much more sense to use cloud services to ensure quick deployment of the latest applications.

Rollout times can be dramatically decreased, leaving your employees to maximise productivity levels at all times.

Find out more from Connected Data or by reviewing this concise history of cloud computing. You also learn more over at Weebly.


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